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Social Emotional Learning

The mission of the Bethel School District is to provide a safe education environment that embraces the individual needs of each student, engages each student in a rigorous, well-rounded instructional program, and prepares each student for lifelong learning and productive civic engagement.

Goal 2 : All students: Empowered, Safe, Supported and Connected

Measure: Increased percentage of students indicating that his or her school is a socially, emotionally, and physically safe environment.



  • This is the Curriculum that our district has adopted to support Social Emotional Learning in our students.  Social Emotional Learning provides our students with tools and strategies for emotion and conflict management, growth mindset and interpersonal skills.  More about this can be found in the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) SEL website.

  • Second Step Elementary, a research-based social-emotional learning program designed to improve children’s social-emotional skills. Second Step skills and concepts are designed to help children both in and out of school. Four units will cover the following:

    • Growth Mindset & Goal-Setting: Children learn how to pay attention and manage distractions, develop a growth mindset, and apply goal-setting strategies to their social and academic lives.

    • Emotion Management: Children learn how to identify and label emotions and use emotion- management strategies—including stress management for older students—to calm strong feelings.

    • Empathy & Kindness: Children learn how to recognize kindness and act kindly, have empathy for others and take others’ perspectives, and recognize kind acts and empathy as important elements of building and maintaining relationships.

    • Problem-Solving: Children learn how to identify and state a problem, recognize if a problem is an accident, and use the STEP problem-solving process

S: Say the problem
T: Think of solutions
E: Explore the outcomes  
P: Pick a solution


  1. Panorama SEL Survey: Panorama Survey Information

  • District Wide SEL Survey, administered during the FALL, WINTER, and SPRING

  • Help educators act on data to improve outcomes for students


  1. North Star’s Monthly Core Qualities: 

These character qualities are part of the foundation necessary to build a strong, ethical community. 

September: Ready to Learn

October: Hard Work 

November: Respectful 

December: Self-Control 

January: Empathy 

February: Kindness 

March: Caring

April: Teamwork 

May: Helpfulness 

June: Trust

July: Loyalty 

August: Community Service